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Hobart Chiropractor Provides Health Tools for Life

Experiencing pain or discomfort? We can help!

At Back in Balance, we have the experience and expertise to help explain why you are experiencing these problems, and how they can be corrected. We offer several different solutions:


Getting pressure off your vital nervous system so that you can feel better.


Correcting the structure of your spine to reduce the chance of these problems recurring over and over and over, reducing damaging effects of degeneration.


Improved biomechanics can assist you with functioning at your best.

Our goal at Back in Balance is to empower all Hobart & Bellerive-area residents with the knowledge and understanding of their body to make optimum wellness achievable.

We offer options from just working on a knee or elbow to full spine adjusting corrective care, depending on your needs and preferences.

We also provide bulk billing for auto accidents, veterans affairs and workers compensation fees. X-rays are covered by Medicare.

Call your Hobart & Bellerive chiropractors today for a free chat to discuss your health problem or to book your new patient appointment. Our friendly team are here to help!

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Dr Jeff Conrad | Hobart and Bellerive Chiropractor
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